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Complete Club Penguin Story of Matthew722

Hey everyone, Matthew722 here. I know.. you are asking: Why am I posting this? I wanted to share you my experience of Club Penguin with you. It was extremely long, fun and had tons of bumps in the middle and it had some lessons in it, so hopefully it will also help others accomplish their dream. No pictures, just text. Enjoy!

It all started back in 2007. My friend showed me this game and I decided to try it out. My first ever registered Club Penguin username was Matthew755, which is probably over 1350 days old today. Obviously, I didn’t know the rules so uhh.. I got banned forever. Here’s how it went:

1st ban: I was asking who wanted to play Sled Racing with me, and someone replied “Nobody” Because of me being so dumb, I responded “A-hole, your mean!” I called my friend, and found out I couldn’t swear.. LOL.

2nd ban: Like I said, I had big anger issues. At the Pizza Parlour, someone took my “main job” so I told him to get a life. He probably reported me, because 1 day later I was banned.

3rd ban: The day AFTER the Pizza Parlour incident, I got bored of Club Penguin so I actually BANNED MYSELF.

4th ban: I gave all my friends at school my password. Not the best idea if you know what I mean…

5th ban (forever) : Honestly, I don’t know. I remember coming home from Walmart and wanting to login Club Penguin (I liked Club Penguin again, this was a few weeks later after banning myself on purpose) It said I was banned for 24 hours. The next morning, I logged in an saw I was banned forever. That day, was the day Matthew722 was created.

I was really upset I had a brand new penguin, considering I already had pins, items from the April Fools party and other stuff. I wanted to get ahead faster, so that’s when I googled “Club Penguin cheats” The first 2 choices were the same 2 choices today, http://www.ClubPenguinGang.com and http://www.ClubPenguinCP.com – Because Mimo777’s blog was way more popular then, it was ranked 1st so I clicked that one. I used that site everyday, until I finally set it as my home page. After starting to find out all about the Club Penguin Gang, I tried to become a CPG Mod (and I made it all the way up to Legendary Mod).

A few days later, I noticed an advertisement on Mimo777’s blog reading: “Join the fun, follow me on Twitter!” Guess what? I clicked the ad, made my own Twitter and followed Mimo777. Yeah, sounds dumb, but that’s how my Twitter started.

Anyway, I’ll get back into the Twitter stuff later. Let’s get back to Mimo’s blog. xD

After a while, there was some kind of contest on http://www.ClubPenguinGang.com, so I entered. The only thing I remembered is you had to find his secret site and enter the secret code that was somewhere there. After googling it, I found his secret site: http://www.mimo.cc Right now, there are no updates and you can say it’s pretty lame.. But back then he posted all kinds of real life events he went to and he had his own chat! I made an account on the site and I entered the chat. From that day, I made some amazing friends that I still talk to occasionally, but most have quit.

  • Happywagon [Best pal.. ever :'(]
  • Stickers303 (We talk occasionally)
  • Tboyman (quit)
  • 3jel97 (quit)
  • Stickie408 (quit)
  • Saavy (we talk occasionally)
  • Gamer23456 (quit)
  • Zxz192 (Still my pal! :D)

And a whole bunch more, but those were my main. After a week of enjoying the chat and logging in everyday, I heard my friend 3jel97 had a blog. “Blog..?” I asked. He told me what a blog was and explained EVERYTHING. He didn’t really teach me amazing techniques, but he showed me all the basics to blogging and showed me how to use WordPress. Finally, he let me join his blog! It’s still up today, but it’s in-active.. http://www.3jel97.wordpress.com

One day, something tragic happened. A group of hackers hacked Mimo’s Chat, so Mimo777 had enough and shut it down forever. I thought I lose all my friends.. Until, they all made a Twitter! I didn’t use Twitter much, but that’s when it really started. We chatted everyday! Okay, but Twitter doesn’t become a main topic just yet.. More coming, just hold up and keep reading LOL.

After literately 3 – 4 months of blogging on 3jel97’s site, I wanted to make my own site. First one was uhh.. a fail: http://www.cpcheatshelps.blogspot.com It’s closed now because that was embarrassing to the blogger I am now, LOL. I didn’t know how to use Blogspot, though. That is why I created http://www.ClubPenguinCheatsCheats.WordPress.com, because I was used to WordPress and I really wanted to become a main owner of a Club Penguin Cheats site. I blogged here for a long time and this is the site that got me most of my fame today! Also, I had some help of amazing buddies that I still talk to today:

  • Cena12121
  • Ray Toolbear
  • Tooly228
  • Jmann93

Those guys who were and still are famous on Club Penguin came to my first ever Club Penguin party and even announced it. I only knew them for a bit, but thanks to Twitter I was able to become friends with them. They were and still are the best friends any donut could have. ;-] Yes, now we can get into the Twitter stuff.

After a few weeks of tweeting, I hit 100 followers! It was pure.. epic. I know, 100 followers isn’t really a lot – but for someone who wasn’t exactly popular and had only been on Twitter for a few months, I was happy. This is being bolded. Why? I just wanna say, Twitter is where the donuts began. LOL! I always loved donuts more than anything else, so I shared it with all my buddies. From that day, people still call me a donut. Everytime I have a party on Club Penguin, all we do is say “DONUTS!” Yes, I’m a donut loving dude, and everyone knows it.

Because I started getting busy with school in mid-Grade 5, I had no choice but to quit 3jel97’s site and continue on mine. Once I got 10,000 hits on my site, you can say I was officially kind of “famous” – Well, that’s what people said. I didn’t take advantage of it, though. I wasn’t like those penguins who showed off, etc. If I did have fans, I would support them. I would answer their questions, I would try to add them and send them a postcard, etc. I would be nice to them and I would never ignore them.

I wanna thank Jmann93 for teaching me that.. To never over-estimate anyone and being nice is the smarted thing you can do.

On Twitter, I started meeting more amazing people who I became friends with in 2009.

  • Freddyp9
  • Alex Ray
  • Monkeydude
  • Jeepkid7
  • Staly Vegas

There were much more, but those were my main new friends. I can go ON and ON on my Twitter life, but ima stop here and do talk some more about it at the end.

After really getting to know each other, me and Staly became friends and made our very own Donut Army! We started out good, but it slowly crashed because me and Staly have big time differences. We knew it was going to die, so we quickly formed with Jeepkid7’s army and we became the Donut Army again, except 10x more powerful than before. That is uhh.. when the ugly came on Twitter…

My best friend, Happywagon got hacked and was forced to leave. His Twitter was deleted, his account nearly banned forever, his information was taken.. He left. I can’t blame him.. I would’ve done the same. We were such close friends that I defended him and told off the hacker. Aren’t I smart? Again, he threatened to hack me. He knew where I lived cause of my Twitter location and apparently he had my ID too.. What did I do? Same thing Happywagon did.. I left. I was a coward. I deleted my Twitter, and posted on this blog that I was leaving forever.

That’s where Freddyp9 came in. He was brave and defended me along with my friend Tooblers. They got his Twitter account deleted and I never heard of the hacker again. Freddy9p was able to restore my Twitter and I was back… People were worried about me. Even though I lost my best friend, I was happy to be on Twitter with my friends again. The best part it, Happywagon didn’t exactly quit! He gave me some of his personal massagers so I was able to get in contact with him, and I still can! Also, he logs in Club Penguin sometimes, that way we can chat a bit incase of anything. Yep, seeing him again was the best part of my life…

One of the biggest things that happened was the Club Penguin Crew. I don’t want to get back into this part, but Freddyp9 died because of heart problems. That’s all I’m going to say, sorry. I still do pray that he’s okay up there… :’) Well, CP Penguin Crew needed a new owner and his sister, Alex Ray, knew Justin (Freddyp9) would want me as the new main owner. I was more than happy to accept it, and me and Alex became great friends. We still talk today, just not as much…

I blogged on http://www.CPPEnguinCrew.com for a long time, until school hit me. The end of Grade 6 and blogging at the same time started to get too difficult for me, so I stopped blogging for a very long time…

Now you are probably wondering: “Okay.. so when does Club Penguin CP come in? Isn’t that your whole online life now?”

Not going to act like I’m that sad, but yes: Club Penguin CP is my whole online life now. Here’s how it went:

*Time Travel* One day while I was on Mimo777’s chat, someone was talking about a guy named Chrisdog93. “Who?” I didn’t know who he was, but he explained who Chrisdog93 was. He told me that he owned http://www.ClubPenguinCP.com and was.. “ultra famous” :P. I checked out the site and started viewing that daily, too. One day, Chrisdog93 made CPCP Mods. Obviously, I tried to become one and I ended up becoming the first ever Chrisdog93 Mod! I know, childish.. But it was pretty huge back then. From that day, Chrisdog93 wanted to get to know me more so he tweeted me his AIM. He chatted, chatted… Finally, sometime in late May 2010, he saw my blogging and was amazed. I couldn’t believe it, but he asked me to join CPCP.

I blogged a lot on that blog and he was really proud with me. Sometime in July 2010, I got promoted to an exclusive Club Penguin CP Editor. Now, we still chat on AIM practically everyday and I’m constantly editing and adding pages and posts. The job is quite amazing and I’m trying not to quit it.. ever.

Basically, the lesson here is to never give up. Making friends can help you reach your goal. If you don’t try, you won’t succeed. Believe me when I say: Someone with 1 follower can become a famous person with 2,000 followers just by trying for a few years. Never give up! 🙂

Well, that’s my complete Club Penguin story. Before I end the post, I wanna say thank-you to my current friends for still supporting me today.

  • Zxz192
  • Riffy8888
  • Cena12121
  • Chrisdog93
  • Distrocktiv7
  • Wosdmvte
  • Yankymetro
  • Ray Toolbear
  • Eunes
  • Loki Terry
  • Pizza55
  • Tech163

There are MANY MANY more friends, but it’s impossible to name ’em all. I guess you can say those are my pals that I talk to the most. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading my crazy Club Penguin experience. You all ROCK!

-Matthew722, Club Penguin CP Editor